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Before you publish your pages and submit them to the search engines, there a few items that you should double check:
   Spelling and Grammar
Web page creation tools create better HTML code and word processors generally have better grammar and spelling tools, but word processors will impose unwanted changes to the structure of your HTML code. Make copies of your HTML pages, run them through your word processor spelling and grammar checkers, and make parallel changes to the original HTML pages.
   Browser Compatibility
The current and previous versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox usually account for about 90% of the market. The remaining 10% are scattered among older version of these and other browsers. Don't forget to test your pages with graphics turned off.
   Graphics Off
Many customers will surf with graphics off in order to increase display speed. To test your site in this mode, create an empty test directory, copy only your .html files to that directory, then use your browser to open your home page. Is your site still usable?
Double-check all of your links before you publish your pages.
Search Engine
<META name="description" CONTENT="....."> Briefly describe your page or site.
<META name="keywords" CONTENT=".....">Words you want the search engines to associate with your site.
When defining meta tags, don't forget to include: organization name, common misspellings, plurals, products, product categories, cap variations, location, etc.
Many search engines use the page title in their search algorithm.
   Image ALT's
Many search engines use alternate image text in their search algorithm.

North East, Md Chamber of Commerce

Elkton, Md Chamber of Commerce

Cecil County Chamber of Commerce

Harford County Chamber of Commerce