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When a customer searches for a keyword related to your products or services, does your site appear in the top 10 returned by the search engine or does your competition? Submitting your site alone does nothing to insure good visibility.

There are many "search engine spamming" tricks that have been published: unrelated meta codes, white on white text, repeating text, etc. As these techniques are developed, the search engines adjust their site ranking algorithms to ignore them, and sometimes even punish sites for using them. Trying to adjust your site to comply with the search engines is like driving your car with a sunscreen on the front windshield. You can't see how you are driving; you can only use the mirror to see the results.

Positioning companies use special web servers that recognize the IP addresses of the search engine spiders in order to feed them a home page that exactly matches their requirements for high ranking while returning your actual home page to your customers. They track the changes in the search engine algorithms and update your alternate home pages as the search engine requirements change. Positioning companies often charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to guarantee listing on the first page in the search engine results. This cost is usually outside the budget of many small businesses.

The best way to get a reasonable ranking for your page is to start with the list of key words that your customers will most likely search for. When designing your home page use these words as often as possible in the page text, page title, image alternate text, and meta codes.

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